Taylor Edwards-Crider hails from Ennice, North Carolina. She began dancing at age 5, studied all dance forms, but because of her love of ballet, joined the Conservatory of Dance and Theatre, in Galax Virginia, in 2004. She completed her training with Dr. Barbara Johnson and Galax Youth Ballet in 2010. Taylor continued her training by studying intensively with the Atlanta Ballet in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Taylor graduated from Salem College, the oldest liberal arts institution for women, in 2014 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication and Dance. In college, she performed with the Salem College Dance Company, performing modern and contemporary works by Heidi Echols, and with guest choreographers such as Melissa Pihos, Karola Luttringhaus, Bill T. Jones, and Twyla Tharp. She has also traveled with the company, studying overseas in London and Paris, performing in the American College Dance Festival Association in Washington D.C., and dancing in New York City at the Broadway Dance Center.

She also gained recognition for her choreography and received the Salem College Katherine B. Rondthaler Honors award for dance and choreography. Taylor's choreography has been noted as, "whimsical, with a surprising twist." 

Taylor performed as a principal dancer with the Dance Center of Greensboro in Greensboro, North Carolina under the instruction of Jeanne Alala.  She later joined the dance faculty and advised the Pre-School and Elementary Age Dance program.

From 2016 - 2020, Taylor served as the Director of Dance Education for the Conservatory of Dance and Theatre in Galax, Virginia. She performed and choreographed in North Carolina and Virginia and performed as a guest artist with the Conservatory of Dance and Theatre's Galax Youth Ballet.  During that time, Taylor was also a member of the Asheville Ballet Company in Asheville, North Carolina. Taylor continues to enhance her dance education and recently studied in the Dance Teacher Workshop at Broadway Dance Center in New York City, and with the Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn, New York.  

Taylor is a huge advocate of mental health and body image in the dance and believes it is time to leave behind the obsession with uniformity.  Recently, Taylor has been using her platform to express that being mentally healthy is just as important as physically, and is willing to tackle taboo topics in public forums like social media. Taylor believes that the dance world has a track record for reinvention, and the potential for radical reimagining.

Taylor currently resides in Oregon with her husband and cat. She continues to do freelance work as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. She is excited to be living on the west coast and can't wait to network and collaborate with people from all walks of life. 


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